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SW8Picking the right at home hair masques

As a stylist it’s probably one of the number one questions I get. “What’s the best conditioning treatment I can do at home?” Well I’m here to explain the ins and outs of at home treatments.

I know how hard it is to go to the beauty supply or even to your stylist and look at that wall of all the pretty packaging and different bottles. How do you know which treatment or masque is right for your hair type? Help!?

It is unknown to many that moisture and protein are really important to keep in balance, remember too much of a good thing is a bad thing, so it’s important to keep a balance.

I’ll explain how they each work.

If you don’t have enough moisture the hair is more prone to tangle and break. Proteins fill spaces in the hair where the hair is missing amino acids and hair can break when too much protein fills the strand. Mostly when moisture isn’t there to lubricate the hair.

Everyone’s hair has different needs so it’s best to keep in mind your hairs history especially if you’ve been having chemical services. You can ask your stylist if they recommend more moisture or protein. Something to keep in mind,
is your hair really blonde and bleached out? It most likely needs a little moisture first before you start any protein.

Now Daily, Weekly and even Monthly hair care is essential to keeping your hair on its best behavior.
I love a great moisture shampoo and conditioner for everyday like this one here*

Pureology also makes an amazing moisture hair masque that I love also*

For more of a protein treatment that I would use bi weekly or monthly (again depending on your hairs porosity) I really love this one.*

And lastly (but not least) I come to Olaplex … the beauty community has been raving since its arrival on the market and I really couldn’t believe it because how many products have been out there claim to “fix” your damaged hair.

Enter Olaplex

This 3 part system changes everything!

It prevents breakage during colouring and then it also glues bonds back together that happen as a result from colouring! Amazing!
Now steps numbers 1&2 are both an In salon process being mixed into your colour and then after your color is finished number 2
is applied after to complete the process. Number 3 is the take home treatment that essentially is the number 2 but diluted down from 15% to 12.5%.

It’s called a reparative treatment not conditioning, and not protein either it’s a product of its own caliber.

No3* (link added to NO 3) does something completely different then any conditioning treatment it repairs and reconnect those broken bonds.

This is more of an every 7-10 day treatment and has to stay on for a minimal of 10 mins! (The longer the better!)

And yes it does live up to its word!

My hair has never felt so great! obsessed!



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