How to find the right Wedding Day Hairstylist

I’m going to real talk for a minute here…
5 years ago when I got married deciding how I was going to wear my hair was the most stressful thing for me, probably because I’m a hairstylist I felt major pressure to have awesome hair.
I immediately knew who I wanted to do it. My friend and past coworker who’s work, time and time again I always loved. It was also stressful because I worked at a different salon at the time and I didn’t want to offend anyone at my new work by getting it done with someone who didn’t work there. But she understood the look I wanted, she was very experienced in up-styling and I felt very comfortable around her.
I’ve seen brides almost every weekend in the summer for the past 15 years…I’ve seen them come into the salon, I’ve seen them in their homes, In hotels or a bed and breakfast, I’m the first of many vendors they deal with on their wedding morning.
I see them stressed when it’s raining, oh so happy when their flowers arrive and giddy with excitement.
The mornings are spent with everyone they trust.
So that’s what I wanted, the most stress free morning on my wedding day. I knew you couldn’t control weather or anything like that, but I could have the say of who I wanted in my bride tribe that morning. In my hotel we all enjoyed lots of coffee and champagne, laughed a lot and ate allll the food, all the while in my robe trusting whole heartedly who was doing my hair. And it was perfect.


So here are my tips for finding the right stylist.


You may have a hairstylist who you trust completely, who knows your hair the best, but some stylists aren’t always comfortable with up-styling and bridal hair and it may make them nervous to take on that task on your big day, so always be upfront with your stylist and ask how comfortable they are, most of the time they will be honest and steer you in the right direction whether it be a bridal specialist in their salon or someone else.
If you don’t have someone, it’s time to do some research
I really encourage every bride I meet to jump on their Instagram or Facebook and look for your right fit for a hairstylist or makeup artist. Look for work that speaks to you, because every single stylist has their signature style they put on every look. Ask other bride friends who they had or where they went and then make a list and set up consultations to meet the stylist, or even have a chat on the phone to see if your vibing well and if it’s the right fit.


have that Pinterest board ready and bring in all of your hair inspo!
If you can, have a picture of your gown and bring in your veil or hairpiece.
If you don’t have them yet, that’s ok too, usually the hairstylist can give you some ideas, I always have a few hair accessories on hand so we can get a better idea of what is the right fit and get creative.
Most importantly have fun and be open to your stylists ideas, that’s the point of consultations and trials to try different looks and talk about what your loving and what you may want tweaked that day.


Your wedding day is going to hands down the one day you will be photographed most in your life.
So taking lots of pictures of your trial is the best way to see how it photographs on you. Try lots of different looks and take photos of each one. Sometimes a trial can happen months before your wedding date so it’s important to have them to remind the stylist and yourself what worked well and what you may want to change.


Wedding season books up quickly! So let your stylist know as soon as possible if you want to secure the date, because I often have several inquires for the day.
Also let the stylist know if you want to hire them to do touch ups or a hairstyle change for the reception. Lots of stylists offer this service so always discuss options and timing.


So do that research girls! there are many amazing stylists out there and I’m sure you’ll have that perfect morning!


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