Pretty & Co. ~ the beginning of something beautiful

SW2Pretty & Co. … the beginning

I’ve always loved doing hair!


It’s my passion and having my own studio is something I’ve always dreamed of! It had to be the right time and now after some babies it was time and I really had to figure out exactly the right “feel” I wanted for my first place.

So I asked myself “what’s my favourite part of my job”…well its being creative. That’s why I got into this career I love having that creative outlet! How lucky am I that I get to call this my job!? Playing with people’s hair all day!

I wanted something petite and personal, somewhere I could be one on one with my clients and spend the time to give them the best appointments I can. So I’m not running around with timers in my hand checking on my clients and my schedule and rushing to finish.

Don’t get me wrong I love the hustle and bustle of a busy salon. But now after 14 years of doing hair I’ve figured out what’s best for me as a stylist!

I’m excited to say I’ll be having another amazing stylist join me who has the most incredible energy! So exciting! After having another baby and another yucky pregnancy (worst pregnant lady ever right here) It feels so great already to get to see all my clients again!

Can’t wait to see all your pretty faces!




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