The way to Pretty & Co.


When I go to work its not really work.

I go to my own space that I got to design myself and use products that I really love and I get to really play with people’s hair all day…really this has always been my dream job! how many people get to say they actually have their dream Job!? I honestly feel so lucky!

So how did I get here?
Hard work?…Yes!
Learning from the best? Always!

14 years ago I went to hair school (wow I feel crazy old now) and right from the get go I started working at Solace hair salon.
Sarah was (and still is) the owner.
She was my hairstylist growing up..and she knows her stuff…she is a color wizard and would change my hair from blonde to red and back again so easily! So of course I had to work with her!
She threw me right into it, and I was so nervous only being 17! But she guided me and taught me along the way…she taught me how to dry cut and to this day I still follow those skills and I’m so thankful for her teaching.
My next move was the most important for me.

Salon Eskada..
I can honestly say that working here actually changed my career in SO many ways.
Lori was my boss,mentor,teacher and friend. She and everyone at the salon pushed each other to try new things everyday!
colors were ALWAYS flawless and there were no such thing as clients coming back for “redos”
I was involved with photoshoots of other people’s and then eventually my own, I always felt supported and had the crazy honor of making it to the Canadian hairdresser award finals (twice!) I placed in North American styling awards and won trips to Spain and Italy! Crazy right!
After Eskada I worked at a few other salons because I felt I needed a change and learning from different people  and different brands is always important to grow as a stylist, but after my second baby I was feeling the need for something of my own. A little space just for me!



Pretty and Co.
I didn’t want a big salon with lots of chairs and stylists and the stress that comes with it, I have 2 babies at home who are my everything and I wanted a good work/home life balance.
I didn’t want the stress of a timer ticking in the background and feeling like an assembly line hairdresser. I wanted to finally be able to have the time with ALL my clients to be truly creative and really focus on their hair needs.
To book my own schedule.
To work with another great stylist whom I share a great friendship with.
To give my Brides a inviting space to have a comfortable consultation about their big day
To go to work Every. Single. Day. and love being there
That is my happy place.



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